DLC Series Catalog


A Child is Born, A Son is Given
About the Father’s Business – Pastor Felecia
According to the Grace (Parts 1-5)
A Lamb for Your House
Ambassadors of Heaven (Parts 1-5)
Anger and Rage: Wickedness vs Righteousness, Truth, and Justice (Parts 1-3)
Are You Renting, Leasing, or Owning the Vision?
Are You Still Running?
Armed for Battle (Parts 1-3)
A Shepherd vs A Hireling (Parts 1-4)
Authority in the Name of Jesus
Authority on All Matters (Parts 1-3)
Availing Prayer – Pastor Felecia


Basic Training (Parts 1-15)
Big Vision (Parts 1-7)
Boot Camp (Parts 1-5)
Break Free (Parts 1-3)
Build My Church (Parts 1-4)


Carrier of the Glory (Parts 1-4)
Clarity of Vision (1-5)
Come and See A Man
Commitment (Parts 1-4)
Contagious (Parts 1-4)


Developing Spiritual Depth (Parts 1-3)
Discerning the Winds (Parts 1-5) – Pastor Felecia
Don’t Lose Your Sense of Urgency
Don’t Judge Me (Parts 1-3)
Do You Know Jesus? (Parts 1-4)


Embodying the Vision – Pastor Felecia


Faceless Army (Parts 1-5)
Faith for the Journey – Pastor Felecia
Fall Fire Revival 2017 (Parts 1-6)
Fall Fire Revival (Parts 2-6)
Flow with the Shift – Apostle & Pastor Felecia
Focus (Parts 1-4) *Part 3 – Pastor Felecia
Focus on Eternity (Parts 1-6)
Follow the Cloud (Parts 1-6)
Forever One Conference 2019
Forever One Conference 2020 (Parts 1-2)


Gift of The Spirit vs Fruit of The Spirit
Goals (Parts 1-3)
Growing Up Spiritually


He Came That We May Have Life
He Came to Set the Captive Free (Parts 1-5)
He That Hath An Ear (Parts 1-2)
Help I’m Stuck!
Holy Ghost Activation (Parts 1-4)
Holy Spirit Demonstrations (Parts 1-4)


Identity Crisis
I’m Called… Now What (Parts 1-4)
Intruders (Parts 1-4)
Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (Parts 1-2)
It’s a Heart Thing (Parts 1-4)
I’ve Got Your Back (Parts 1-3)



Kingdom Currency (Parts 1-4)
Kingdom Invasion
Kingdom Wisdom, Kingdom Power, Kingdom Influence – Pastor Felecia


Life & Family (Parts 1-4)
Living A Well Balanced Life
Living In the Final Hour (Parts 1-4)
Living In the Glory Zone
Lord Open My Eyes (Part 3)


Maintaining the Passion & Fire
Make Room (Parts 1-5)
Man Up!
Maximize the Promises of God For Your Life
Men of Transformation
Mission (Parts 1-4)
Ministering Spirits
Mortify (Parts 1-3)



Obeying the Call of God
Overcoming Identity Crisis (Parts 1-4)
Overcoming Spiritual Attacks (Parts 1-5)
Overcoming the Spirit of the Antichrist (Parts 1-5)


Passion (Parts 1-5)
Phenomenal Woman Women’s Conference (Parts 1-3) – Pastor Felecia & Guest speakers
Positioned for Kingdom Use (Parts 1-4)
PWC- Contagious Leadership (Parts 1-3) – Pastor Felecia & Guest speakers
Possessing the Land – (Parts 1-4)
Possessing Wealth & Riches (Parts 1-4)
Power in Prayer
Power of Honor (Parts 1-4)
Power of Praying in Tongues
Prophetic Prayer Conference (Parts 1-3) Pastor Felecia & Guest speakers



Reach the Lost (Parts 1-3)
Rebuild the Altar
Refreshing (Parts 4 & 6)
Relationship Dynamics
Remaining Focused
Remnant Church
Removing the Mask (Parts 1-4)
Resurrection Power (Parts 2A – 4A)
Reviving the Remnant


Safety in His Will
Salvation “Do You Have the Package”
School of Prophecy – Prophet Dennis Cramer
Second Wind (Parts 1-2 *Apostle) (Part 4 *Pastor Felecia)
Seek Intimacy
Serving the King
Setting in Order
Staying in the Principal Office Through F.A.S.T – Pastor Kevin Baker
Strongholds (Parts 1-4)
Supporting the Vision of Your Pastor


Taking Dominion – Pastor Felecia
The Advancing Army (Parts 1-4)
The Anointing, Glory, & Fire
The Apostolic Church (Parts 1-7)
The Awakening (Parts 1-5)
The Image of Christ (Parts 1-2)
The Meditating of God’s Word The Power of Honor
The Power of Prayer (Parts 1-5)
The Revelation of Holiness
The Righteous Standard (Parts 1-2)
The Rise of the Apostolic and Prophetic Church (Parts 1-7)
The Supernatural Church (Parts 1-3)
The Working of Holy Spirit (Parts 1-3)
Tithe Invasion
Tools in the Hands of God (Parts 1-4)
Trading Places (Parts 1-3)
Training and Raising Children
Training School (Prophet Cramer)
True Discipleship
True Independence (Parts 1-2)
Truth Encounter (Parts 1-3)



Vision (It Continues and Still Goes On)


Walking in Sonship (2017)
Walking in Sonship (2018 Parts 1-4)
Watch It Sucka (Parts 1-2)
Watchmen (Parts 1-3)
What Happens After Revival?
What the Lord is Requiring? (Parts 1-3)
What to Do During a Spiritual Storm?
When God Uses the Unqualified
Where Do You Fit in God’s Plan? (Parts 1-5)
Where’s Your Faith Level? (Parts 1-5)
Whose Leading Are You Following?
Why Do You Do What You Do?



Year of Undeniable Growth – Pastor Felecia
You Need to Wait until Your Time Comes
You’re Called… Now What (Parts 1-2)